Jake Peak | Sins of War

NISM is eager to announce its first, limited-edition label, by designer Jake Vernon Peak, entitled “Sins of War”.

Peak, currently living in LA, is a 10 year industry veteran. Peak, views his design as a spiritual experience. His natural design aesthetics is a take on juxtaposition, infusing vintage silhouettes and details with modern vibes. A modern day renaissance man, applying an artistic vision to the hardcore school craftsmanship of creating fashion. 

Joining forces with NISM, Peak’s limited-edition label, Sins of War, is a homage to personal internal struggles, to fear, and to raw emotion.

This line strives to inspire those who wear it to challenge societal norms, to be unapologetic, and to take what may feel broken or destructive, and display it with outward pride, sophistication and confidence.

With its androgynous design, Sins of War functions as a personal and societal statement. Peak’s label is dynamic, fluid, and speaks to themes of revolution and confrontation with the uncomfortable truths of being human.